Friday, March 25, 2011

Days days days

Well maybe we're okay
Maybe we're alright
Maybe you're moon shine
And maybe I'm sunlight

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I love my man. He's the best. I am sipping chai tea out of this very same mug at this moment, the same mug he gave me when I was sick on Valentine's Day. Left outside my door with roses and sugar cookies. Not to be cliche, but all the sugar in the world isn't as sweet as he is. I like him a lot. Dunno if its the fact that one of his favorite songs just came on my playlist, or its late and I get sappy when its dark out, but he's just really awesome.
Have a good night you guys,

Hike Me Away

I like hiking with you, even if you forget your water bottle, and we don't have a camera to document our adventure and the trail we picked was too close to the road, because you stop and make me give you kisses every five steps and you take pictures with your phone that are fun and you make me feel pretty even when I'm wearing my big clunky hiking boots. I love you,

Spring Solstice

You guys, I am so ready for spring (and spring break. YES.) and it feels like its finally here! It was 78 degrees or something crazy here Friday. Thats the South for you. It makes me feel so wonderful seeing all the beautiful flowers outside and kinda-sorta being able to wear skirts without tights (its not really that warm, but I'm pretending like it is). Here's some Spring Fever for you to enjoy my loves. Have a good week!

p.s. Anyone having a solstice party? I'm going to go African dance my booty off tomorrow night, I guess that sort of counts, right?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TGIF, sort of

Hey lovies, its Wednesday! Hump day folks. Are you thanking the Lawd that it has come? Me too, sort of. My week is chockful of events, which is awesome! I love feelin' like I'm doing some thing worth while. Anyway, here's some random pictures. Some are from a fun little get together Hazel, Forrest and myself did. We (see: mainly just Maren) made pound cake, ate pizza and watched Ferris Buellers Day Off. Delectable, no? The other photos are from the precious little chickadees Boyfriend's parents just got to put in their green house store. So. Fluffy. In my opinion, chicks rank up with babies and English bulldog puppies on the Cute Factor Richter Scale. Enjoy your overload of pictures, and savor some Eisley while I'm gone.