Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas, Among Other Things

Long time, no post. Bad Maren. Oh well, here we go.

Christmas happened! Oh happy happy joy joy! It was brilliant. It started snowing here around 7 or 8-ish and by the time I got up, we had an inch. It was crazy. And it just didn't stop. We had a very very white Christmas. My grandmother is here, and she is the bomb diggity. We gave her a BB gun for her major gift this year, and she was positively gleeful. How many grannies are that cool huh? The Boyfriend walked through the snow for me and came to the house it was so great. He showered me in gifts, and I hope he really liked mine. I pretty much made out like a bandit. New headphones, glow in the dark stars, A DIANA MINI (be still my heart), and beautiful new boots, just a few. We lazed around after we did gifts, and Forrest and I got invited to dinner at our gorgeous friend Hazel's house. She's the sweetest person in the world, so we slogged through the snow and ate a delicious, albeit unconventional dinner with her, and piled into her bed for cuddling and talking. We did go home to the family though, and watched Shakespeare In Love (such a good movie). It was probably the best Christmas I've had so far. So much to be happy about. I hope yours was equally wonderful.  
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As for today, well, ain't got no plans, but I do have a date with my headphones and Andrew Bird, as well as a roaring fire and an unread book, so I'm having a ball.

 Snow snow snow
 Look at those beautiful icicles
 Sweet Diana
 Las bootas (yes, that is proper Spanish)
Stars to cover my ceiling so I can have constellations inside

Play in the snow, hug your brother, drink some hot chocolate, have a great day. Here's my Christmas present to you:

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ambulance of Creativity

Dear World,

Did you know that Christmas is in five days?
I didn't, not consciously at least.

I am being eaten by an over abudance of creativity in order to make gifts for the people who I cannot live without. (AKA Family, best friend, boyfriend). The counter cannot be seen underneath all the stuff I used to make bath salts and the floor is strewn with beads and my fingers hurt from knitting so fast, but even though it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not. Its pretty fun, and I like to keep busy, even if I haven't changed out of my pajamas all day.

Have you heard Joanna Newsom? I'm addicted. Here's a link:

Have you thought about what your New Years Resolutions are going to be? Somethin' to ponder if you are not frantically making gifts

Have an excellent rest of your day

Sunday, December 12, 2010

When I Grow Up

When I grow up, I want to be like my friend Mary Moore. I doubt she knows the sheer awesome that is she, and also don't think she'll ever read this blog, but I would feel a bit odd writing that on her facebook wall or something. This is her blog:
Go find out how awesome she is

Work Work Fashion Baby Move It, That Bitch Crazy

Like I said in my last post (?), I went over to my friend Tatiana's house Friday night for a girls night. Her stepmom used to be married to one of the R.E.M guys (whoa!), and she has all these amazing old vintage party dresses left over. Us gals dressed up and whipped out a camera for a photoshoot and here are some results:
 Me. Isn't that dress amazing?
 My beautiful friend Charlotte. Gorgeous.
 Stunning Tatiana.
Charlotte and I's arms, I love this picture

There are plenty more I assure you, and I might post some more up here once they're all online

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Because I Love You

I've neglected you, I'm sorry.
Forgive me?
Things have been so busy. This weekend I spent the night at my friend Tatiana's (aren't you envious of her name? It reminds me of the best movie ever, Anastasia) amazing house, along with our friend Charlotte. We did a little photo shoot, got a Christmas tree, made a cake, got in an icing fight, danced to Journey and Eddy Grant, watched Up Town Girls (gotta love Dakota Fanning), and crashed. It was brilliant. I'm waiting for her to send me the modeling photos and once I have 'em, you bet you'll see 'em. And that was just yesterday! Today I went to see a performance by my friend Allan Wolf, and then went to see Burlesque! If you haven't seen it, GO NOW. Its amazing. Iffy so far as plot line, but damn, those girls can dance. Mother Dearest (she came with me), said that she thinks I would be awesome at burlesque. Hmmmm... after that we dashed over to a friends for tamales and guacamole and tres leches and cakes. All in all, a fantastic day.

Here you go, have a good night and I hope that your weekend is going amazing:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The amount of sleep I get directly corresponds to how happy I am. Unfortunately, I hate going to bed. Its a violent and cruel circle. Babies get to sleep so much, I'm jealous.

Pop Noir

Hello hello. A friend of mine, Paul Chelmis (of Skinny Legs and All, which is also a great band), did a video project on this band for one of his college classes and showed it to me. I couldn't figure out how to get his video on here, and that sucks cause it was pretty awesome, but the band is really good. Apparently they're "pop noir" which I think is a pretty cool term, but I mostly just like the music. Here's a link, check it:
The singer, Stephanie, and her husband are the main base of the band. The name came from Stephanie's study of psychology, and the Id, etc. which I thought was really interesting. Anyway, have a good evening, I may post later depending on whether some pictures go up or not.
See ya later alligators.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stuck In My Brain

This video is awesome. As a dancer, I think its fun to mark choreography with my hands, but its crazy seeing it on this level. Check it:
Of course now its gone viral and is in some sort of commercial for coffee or something, but oh well, I still love it.
Hope your day was lovely.

Monday, December 6, 2010

It Was Fun

Snow days are awesome. Period, the end. I used to hate them, no lie. Ick, slushy snow, icy roads, no friends, nothing on TV, etc. But now I have friends in the neighborhood (mainly Julia and Forrest, how lucky am I?) and my day was great. Julia lives up the street from me and walked over this morning to hang out. It was so great because everything in our lives has been mismatched and we haven't been seeing each other outside of school. We made hot chocolate with the little brother and played ukulele and sang and played a bit in the snow (not really, it was too cold. But we stood outside for a little!). Photos are below. When she went home, I headed over to The Boyfriends for fires and pillow fights and some yummy tamale pie. No pictures of that unfortunately. Oh well!

And now I'm home, listening to Andrew Bird. What a good day. Hope yours was the same.

                                              Julia playin' ukulele.
                                                 The little brother with his cocoa.
      The girls an our cocoa (ignore the cleavage shot. It was unintentional.)
                                         "Quick! Lick the spoons!"
                                     Whip cream and Julia's nose.
                                          I love her that much.


Snow bitchez.
Well, actually, not snow, black ice. The kind that covers roads and makes driving not so nice. I've got a date with a cuppa chai, and some plans with my best friend that haven't been thought all the way through but those always end up being the best of days.

Have an excellent snow day.
Here's some Big Bad Voodoo Daddy to keep you warm on your snow day:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eggs and Toast

When I was born, my parents didn't name me. They just took me home and called me Baby for the first month or so of my life, until they figured out that I just really liked water. Then they named me Maren and thats what I've been called ever since.
I like puppies and kittens and won't choose one way or the other.
I like chai A WHOLE BUNCH.
I like woodstoves.
I like red cowboy boots but I don't have any.
I like people who smile.
I like people who talk but not all the time.
I like my best friend Julia and my boyfriend Forrest. They're kind of awesome.
I like to take pictures.
I like letters.
I like laughing.
I like fireworks.
I like kitkats.
I like to make lists (can you tell?)

I like to dance.
I make stuff and meet people and do things and listen to music and can be quite the narcissist and I just wanted to share it with you.