Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eggs and Toast

When I was born, my parents didn't name me. They just took me home and called me Baby for the first month or so of my life, until they figured out that I just really liked water. Then they named me Maren and thats what I've been called ever since.
I like puppies and kittens and won't choose one way or the other.
I like chai A WHOLE BUNCH.
I like woodstoves.
I like red cowboy boots but I don't have any.
I like people who smile.
I like people who talk but not all the time.
I like my best friend Julia and my boyfriend Forrest. They're kind of awesome.
I like to take pictures.
I like letters.
I like laughing.
I like fireworks.
I like kitkats.
I like to make lists (can you tell?)

I like to dance.
I make stuff and meet people and do things and listen to music and can be quite the narcissist and I just wanted to share it with you.

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