Saturday, December 11, 2010

Because I Love You

I've neglected you, I'm sorry.
Forgive me?
Things have been so busy. This weekend I spent the night at my friend Tatiana's (aren't you envious of her name? It reminds me of the best movie ever, Anastasia) amazing house, along with our friend Charlotte. We did a little photo shoot, got a Christmas tree, made a cake, got in an icing fight, danced to Journey and Eddy Grant, watched Up Town Girls (gotta love Dakota Fanning), and crashed. It was brilliant. I'm waiting for her to send me the modeling photos and once I have 'em, you bet you'll see 'em. And that was just yesterday! Today I went to see a performance by my friend Allan Wolf, and then went to see Burlesque! If you haven't seen it, GO NOW. Its amazing. Iffy so far as plot line, but damn, those girls can dance. Mother Dearest (she came with me), said that she thinks I would be awesome at burlesque. Hmmmm... after that we dashed over to a friends for tamales and guacamole and tres leches and cakes. All in all, a fantastic day.

Here you go, have a good night and I hope that your weekend is going amazing:

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