Friday, October 28, 2011


Prepare yourself, cause this is a bit of a picture overload. I couldn't stop myself, my mouse just took over. Its cool though, cause they're all awesome.
LEAF was so good this year. I don't even know how to explain it. In a word, it was glorious glorious sleep deprivation. I stumbled into the campsite at four in the morning every morning (don't stop till the music ends right?), and I woke up EARLY every day in the snuggle-down-in-your-sleeping-bag cold air. I sustained myself on crepes, goldfish, hot dogs, funnel cakes and juice boxes for three days. I danced till my feet blistered and then I danced till they calloused. I had my first table-dancing experience (contra dancing on a table to a gypsy band is such a magical experience I can't even begin to describe it). I could feel the life and the energy and the music flowing through everyone, and my face hurt from smiling the whole weekend.
I know someday, I'm going to be all grown up, a baby on my hip, living out a dream that is currently tucked away, just a seed, but right now it is SO GOOD to be young.
The best part is, it doesn't even stop. Tomorrow I am dancing early in the morning, and then I believe I am doing a horror photoshoot (Halloween is on Monday), and sewing up my costume and then adjourning to sweet Hazel's for the night. And Sunday is of course, going to be full of cuddling and baking. Cause what else would you do with a pair of teenage girls on the Sunday before All Hallow's Eve?
I must retire now, enjoy the pictures, courtesy of Farside Films, Darby Cox Photography and a good friend, Sadie Stephens.
Your beautiful, smile.


Can we just appreciate the beauty that is that right now? I...I don't even know...this is crazy.
You know why?
Because last weekend I LEAF'd (more on that later), and this weekend, I am hanging out with some lovely ladies and gents and scrapping together a killer Halloween costume. Yes.
On another note, look what my friend drew on my back. Yeah, she's pretty talented. Yeah, we're soul mates. Yeah, my life goes hard. 
So so so much love,
I will be back soon with pictures and stories to fill your pretty heads. Have a fantastic weekend!

Friday, October 14, 2011

So Much Joy

You guys, I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long.
And I hate when bloggers do this. I'm all: "Um, HELLO, you have a blog for a REASON". Yeah its not cute.
But sometimes you just have to live your life! Let yourself fall into the bliss.
I have been dancing and camping and finding new kindred spirits, and birthday bake off-ing, and I am happy. So happy right now.
Because a blog post would not be complete with out pictures, here's some pretty images to feast your eyes on. Enjoy my loves.
I made something pretty darn similar to this for my daddy's birthday. Yum.

Contra. Best thing ever.

I live in the most beautiful place.

Waffle house. With all my favorite people. 

images via, Jason Briscoe, and Moriah Sky 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Fact: Drew Barrymore is a babe.
Not gonna lie you guys, I love her. Whats not to love? Crazy gorgeous, fantastically talented, super intelligent, addicted to cocaine...just kidding not anymore.
Seriously though, in love with these images. Gorgeous.

And silly faces? SOUL MATES. 

Much love,

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Icky Sicky

Whassup ladies and gents of the internet?
I am sick on this fine Tuesday afternoon, so I'm sippin' on my gingerale (yeah, I know, I'm cool), wearing my dad's hoodie, and googling like my life depends on it.  Because I'm sick, I thought I'd spread the love, so here you go:

                                                            Oh flannel, I love you.

So sweet

                                                   I live here you guys. Appreciate.

                                                My friends make cool art, yeah?

                                                                  Fall? Yes please.

                               When I get to college, I hope I can have a room this pretty.

                                   This movie. I haven't seen it yet and I want to so bad.

                          This friend. He texts me funny things and it makes me feel better. Dawwww.

This link cracks me up: Evolution of the Hipster

This is awesome too: 100 Years of Style

And this! So good: Baby, Baby, Baby

Alright lovies, have a good Tuesday afternoon, enjoy this lovely October weather, much love,

All images via Pinterest, Flicker, Facebook, I Just Might Explode Blog. Links via Tumblr + Youtube. Enjoy! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Film Noir

Film is my favorite you guys.
In these days of instant gratification, the sweet mystery of dropping off a roll of film is delicious.
Mmm, its so good.
Here's some more shots from the photoshoot, taken with a Minnetonka film camera. They turned out so well.
Much love, fingers crossed this week is excellent,

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dark Skies and Pretty Dresses

This weekend has been a blast you guys.  Dates with friends, Waffle House at 11:30 at night (mmmmm...), naps in the sun, dancing with beautiful people, and the cold weather is finally moving in. These are the times when you're glad to be alive.
Summer is fading quickly, and a friend and I decided we had to do a photoshoot before its all gone. Enjoy lovelies and have a fantastic Saturday night.

Hello Fall

Good bye to summer, you were lovely.
Hello to fall and all that you may bring.