Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Icky Sicky

Whassup ladies and gents of the internet?
I am sick on this fine Tuesday afternoon, so I'm sippin' on my gingerale (yeah, I know, I'm cool), wearing my dad's hoodie, and googling like my life depends on it.  Because I'm sick, I thought I'd spread the love, so here you go:

                                                            Oh flannel, I love you.

So sweet

                                                   I live here you guys. Appreciate.

                                                My friends make cool art, yeah?

                                                                  Fall? Yes please.

                               When I get to college, I hope I can have a room this pretty.

                                   This movie. I haven't seen it yet and I want to so bad.

                          This friend. He texts me funny things and it makes me feel better. Dawwww.

This link cracks me up: Evolution of the Hipster

This is awesome too: 100 Years of Style

And this! So good: Baby, Baby, Baby

Alright lovies, have a good Tuesday afternoon, enjoy this lovely October weather, much love,

All images via Pinterest, Flicker, Facebook, I Just Might Explode Blog. Links via Tumblr + Youtube. Enjoy! 

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