Monday, December 6, 2010

It Was Fun

Snow days are awesome. Period, the end. I used to hate them, no lie. Ick, slushy snow, icy roads, no friends, nothing on TV, etc. But now I have friends in the neighborhood (mainly Julia and Forrest, how lucky am I?) and my day was great. Julia lives up the street from me and walked over this morning to hang out. It was so great because everything in our lives has been mismatched and we haven't been seeing each other outside of school. We made hot chocolate with the little brother and played ukulele and sang and played a bit in the snow (not really, it was too cold. But we stood outside for a little!). Photos are below. When she went home, I headed over to The Boyfriends for fires and pillow fights and some yummy tamale pie. No pictures of that unfortunately. Oh well!

And now I'm home, listening to Andrew Bird. What a good day. Hope yours was the same.

                                              Julia playin' ukulele.
                                                 The little brother with his cocoa.
      The girls an our cocoa (ignore the cleavage shot. It was unintentional.)
                                         "Quick! Lick the spoons!"
                                     Whip cream and Julia's nose.
                                          I love her that much.

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