Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TGIF, sort of

Hey lovies, its Wednesday! Hump day folks. Are you thanking the Lawd that it has come? Me too, sort of. My week is chockful of events, which is awesome! I love feelin' like I'm doing some thing worth while. Anyway, here's some random pictures. Some are from a fun little get together Hazel, Forrest and myself did. We (see: mainly just Maren) made pound cake, ate pizza and watched Ferris Buellers Day Off. Delectable, no? The other photos are from the precious little chickadees Boyfriend's parents just got to put in their green house store. So. Fluffy. In my opinion, chicks rank up with babies and English bulldog puppies on the Cute Factor Richter Scale. Enjoy your overload of pictures, and savor some Eisley while I'm gone.

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