Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Night Of Mushrooms

We are not photogenic people, its just a fact.

Picture over load, I know. But really, its not what you think.
I'm not doing 'shrooms you guys, really.
Last night was rather adventuresome, and had it been a low budget indie film, I have no doubt it would have wound up with  me and my love running off into the night to go see an underground show and passionately make out under some Christmas lights. But y'know, in actual life, we went to an art exhibit of "EXTREME MUSHROOM GROWING" (I kid you not) with my brother and parents and rode an old and decorated installation piece carnival ride. It was an experience to be had. The artist is actually Jimmy O'Neal, does beautiful work, some of my favorite and happens to be a friend of the family, so it was well worth it.
It was actually a beautiful night, albeit freeze-your-little-toes-off-cold (thats how we do in Western North Carolina), and just hanging around with people I adore was perfect.
Also, on a completely different note, how crazy is it that there is fifteen days until Christmas? *So* crazy! Fingers crossed all the shopping gets done.
Much love,
Enjoy your Saturday, we're decorating the tree,

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