Monday, May 21, 2012

I love making goals. Its one of my favorite things to do. Last year, on my birthday, I decided to make a 15 before 16 list (inspired by IJustMightExplode) and it looks like this:

Fifteen Before Sixteen List:
1. Bake a loaf of bread
2. Develop the film I have
3. Go back packing with Mom
4. Try a week without animal products
5. Have a pretty party
6. Learn how to crochet
7. Make redred
8. Frame and re-hang everything on the walls in my room
9. Take a new dance class
10. Learn to play an instrument
11. Volunteer at Brother Wolf
12. Go see a live concert
13. Buy a Polaroid
14. Take a yoga class
15. Dance at Riverfalls

I still have a few left, evidently, but I think the summer will be the perfect time to cross some of these off the list. I'm already planning on trying swing and tango this summer, and, dream come true, a family friend is lending me a banjo so I can learn how to play. I cannot tell you how excited I am. 
Summer is so clooosseeee (I have the bug bites and final exams to prove it), and I'm itching to make new goals. I have summer goals (save dollas, 16 days, mend an old friendship), and I've been thinking even more about long term goals, so I thought I'd write some out on here.

The Five Year Goal List

Visit West Africa for {at least} a month 
Make a quilt 
Go to a yoga ashram
Take a pottery class
Kiss the Blarney Stone in Ireland 
Visit India 
Learn how to play the piano 
Learn how to make really good soup 
Go to Hawaii
Go to Coachella
Go to Austin City Limits
Go to Bonnaroo
Go to Shakori Music Festival
Go to MerleFest
See a Broadway Show
Do a cross country roadtrip
Live abroad for at least six months

This list will inevitably grow, but this is a good start I think. 
I hope you're Monday's have been as good as they possibly could day, and if they haven't, well, here's something to make it a little brighter: I Believe In a Thing Called Love

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