Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hello hello

      Hello little blog, I'm sorry its been kind of quiet around here. I won't attribute it to the fact that I've been crazy busy with rehearsals for a show that finished up last night, or anything cause I don't make excuses, cough cough. But now I'm back! The show last night was awesome. Opening night, ehhhhh a little rocky, but we killed it on Saturday and I'm so proud of the company. Plus Julia called like an hour before it started and I got to have a really quick back of the dressing room talk with her. Oh sigh. She's coming back in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! Yes! I could wax poetic about how she is the flower to my spring or the creme de la creme de la to my edgar, but in short, I really miss her and am super excited for her to be back in town.
      In other news, Easter weekend was such a good time. Saturday, darling Hazel, Forrest and I all got together for some fun. I missed her! Downtown for dinner, stalking adorable cars, smoothies at Hazel's house, dancing wildly to Rick Springfield (on my part at least), dying eggs, laying on the trampoline in the dark of evening, and falling asleep with one of my good friends was oh so blissful. I can practically taste summer coming. I hope you enjoy the pictures, I'll be back soon. 

Lots of love,

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