Sunday, November 6, 2011

10 Things Making Me Happy

Ten things that are making me happy this night, while I am up thinking about my week. I hope that everyone's Sunday went well and that you're in bed, soaking up luxuriously heat underneath heavy blankets this eve. Goodnight all.
1. This woman and her beautiful blog. 
2. These socks. I love them.
3. A spot a' tea.
4. This jewelry display. I want one.
5. This print. I want one. How can I get one...
6. This recipe. Dying to try it.

7. This friend. He's the best.
8. This mini film. I love Miss Lola, she's gorgeous and incredibly creative to boot.
9. This album. I Thought I Saw Your Face Today is my favorite.
  10. Getting my baby fixed this week! Yes!

Images via violet bella blog,, my personal facebook,, joy the baker blog, free people website,
alexandra grecco blog, and frozenshinigami blog


  1. what is that recipe for? looks delish!

  2. Its a recipe for Joy The Baker's Midnight Black Chocolate Pudding! It does look amazing doesn't it?