Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunfilled Days

            The other week, Hazel and Forrest and I took to the park to catch the last bit of warm summer weather. (Sidenote: No, Forrest and I aren't back together. And Hazel was playing photographer, which is why there are no shots of my beautiful friend.) I hope you enjoy the pictures, more adventure updates to come later.
            On another note, I want to talk about two things: clean cells and busy-ness.
I'm thinking of going on a cleanse. I know it sounds like fad, but I assure you, its not to drop weight or any other ridiculous reason. I have fairly clear skin, I'm fine with the curves that I have, and I am considering it more because I know beautiful people who expound the benefits of it than anyone else. Like, Miss Lola York, a gorgeous dancer and wonderful friend of mine. Go check out her blog, she's awesome. But I also don't think I am going to pay anyone to tell me how to detox (although Lola recommended, which is how she started), because I can gather information of my own and tailor the process to my body. However, if you have any suggestions or recommendations, or burning questions about it, please leave a comment. We'll see how it goes.
             The other thing I wanted to talk about what busy-ness. And balance as well. I am the type of person who really needs to be busy to feel happy and fulfilled. Without a consistently full schedule, I start to feel aimless and unfocused and sometimes useless, which are never good feelings. But at the same time, I feel like as I gain momentum in my own crazy world, making plans with friends and family and family friends and performances I'm going to be in and taking more and more dance classes and attempting to squeeze in volunteering and school and responsibilities and babysitting and blogging, I am draining myself. My creative energy flows best when I am both happy and therefore busy, but taking time for myself as well. I need to find a balance, and I think I'm going to challenge myself to take one day off a week, just one day where I am not doing things for other people, only making my space more beautiful for myself and resting. Rest is always good.
Hahaha, I hope you enjoyed my rambles it was nice and therapeutic to talk about the things I've had on my mind.
             One more thing- I think I'm going to start trying to update the blog once a week. I love writing on here, its both an incredible release and a fun community I hope to be a part of, but sometimes I get so caught up, I neglect it. C'est la vie. Anywho, if any of the little people out there who have stumbled on my baby blog and you have a question or a topic you'd like to see a blog post about, shoot me an email:
Have a good day my darlings, enjoy your Sunday.
Love, Maren

Big smile, just for you guys

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