Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little Things

It is so nice to know that someone thinks your beautiful. Not just like 'Dude, that chicks fuckin' hot', but really beautiful. Even just one person thinking that brightens up my life. And, lucky gal that I am, I have several someone's like that. Julia, for one. I got a letter from her today and it broke my heart with happiness and missing her. (In case your wondering, she's having a fantastic time--I'm jealous all to heck--has a new British BFF, plays music, has become a morning person, takes hikes everyday, makes food and does yoga with sun shining in through huge beautiful windows. Sound like where its at? It does to me dude, it definitely does to me. I might sneak in.) And second of all, I have Forrest. Man that boy makes me smile. He is so good to me, you have no idea. Plus, he's totally proud of having me as his girlfriend, which is pretty flattering. Twue wuv, ya think? Meeeehbeeee.
Alright, enough with the gushin'! I'm off to dance badly and outrageously to incredibly trashy pop music. Teenage Dream anyone? And why I admit these things on the Internet, I'll never know.

Other Things On My Mind:
-Being deathly terrified of my Spanish teacher.
-Having a shoulder that is no longer painful to move! Score!
-"Need Another Bitch" Oh Biggie... (see, I can get my gangsta on if I want to)
-How cold my feet are. I'm not sure if I even have toes anymore
-Big fuzzy hippie fleeces stolen from Boyfriend. I'm in love
-I want a big beautiful office with lots of windows and work space (as opposed to the tiny hole I have now. Not that I'm complaining)
-The box of fabric Forrest's mom brought me today (and a pile of old records!) and what I'm going to do with it. I'm checkin' Megan Nielsen's little blog for inspiration. I might post pictures later this week, just to get a feel for what I've got and want

I hope everyone's having a good night and I'll sign off with a little Florence and The Machines:

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