Saturday, July 16, 2011

And The Living Is Easy

       Summer is so wonderful. Ive spent the last couple of days with these adorable kids, checkin' out parrots, cuddling sweet baby bunnies, and catching grass hoppers, just like summer is supposed to be. I want to grab them and cover them in kisses they're so sweet. 
       In other news, my daddy and I went out for indian food tonight and mmm, let me tell you, so good. I love stuffing myself with rice, chicken and chai. Followed by Ben&Jerry's, the night was perfection. Not to mention that for the first time all summer, that Southern heat and humidity has let up. Happy dance forreal ya'll. Home girl might be an August Baby, but I prefer not to be sticky all the time. Especially since I just got new tires on my bike! Can't wait to get my butt on that thing and go for a ride. Did I mention it has a basket? Yeah, its pretty badass, not gonna lie.
       Anywho ya'll, I hope you have the dancing in the streetingest, eating tandooriest, kissing your boyfriendingest, biking downtowningest, sewing summer dressingest, making daisy crowningest weekend of your lives (to take a cue from Haiku Ambulance).

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