Monday, July 25, 2011


Blog post without pictures guys. Hate to bore but I've got some stuff to tell you.
Today I had so many moments of clarity. It was beautiful.
It started this morning, when Julia and I woke up hazily in my bed this morning. She spent the night after we went and saw some Shakespeare in the park. We got up and made muffins and were going to watch tv, but instead, we decided to play cards with my brother and listen to Seabear while the rain was tapping on our skylights. It was wonderful. I felt so at peace and so happy to be off a screen for a little while and be with the ones I love. That was the only the morning. After Julia went home, I was looking at Chaco's seeing as I need to replace mine and I suddenly felt the unbelievable need to journal. So I went and found an old leather journal a friend gave me, and wrote. That was the second one. And just now, I walked out side into the coolwarm air while it was raining and stood in the rain with my eyes closed and my face turned upward to full receive it all. My skin had goosebumps and my eyelashes were heavy with water and I felt such amazing clarity and peace. I went inside and put on the woven coat my mother gave me, a relic of hers, my own technicolor dream coat, and now I'm making pasta, before I go shake my butt and smile till my cheeks hurt at dance class. Its been a good day.

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