Sunday, February 26, 2012


Dear homemade bread, you are so delicious.
        This year, my main New Year's resolution was to bake a loaf of bread every month, and take a picture of it, to make sure that I did it. Most people make resolutions to lose weight, I make resolutions to make (and eat) more bread. Happy happy joy joy. Anyhow, here's February's loaf. I was cuttin' it a little close to the wire, today being the 26th, and February only have 29 days this year. I know, I live dangerously. Its how I roll.
        This loaf ended up being amazing, although not exactly how I was expecting. And gosh darnit I didn't achieve the window pane (if you're not a baking nerd, check it here). Possibly I kneaded to long before testing? Not sure. I used this recipe, from the Pioneer Woman, and used rosemary. SO GOOD.
        Even my mom who eats like, nuts n' lettuce n' shit all the time ate four pieces. Four my friends. We ain't foolin' around.
I am listening to this, I am hopefully adopting one of these, and I am happy.
Goodnight lovelies, see you soon with hopefully many stories,
Hope your Sunday was the best,

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