Friday, February 17, 2012


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       I'm about to talk about Valentine's Day and use it as a metaphor for change and how change is good. Don't hate.
       So, I know a lot of people hate this holiday, they feel like its a way for pop culture to force its material goods upon the unsuspecting populous, or create a standard of how to "prove" ones love, by which men are judged harshly by their lady friends, or it puts too much value on those engaged in a relationship and doesn't address the wonderfulness that being single can hold, OR perhaps you just feel like its a goddamn cliche. (You hipster you.) (Just kidding.) (Forreals, it is one of the biggest cliches pretty much ever.)
        But this is how I see it: Valentine's Day is what you make of it. I saw somewhere on the internet that one guys girlfriend had some sort of vendetta against Valentine's Day, so they had a threesome instead of going out to dinner. That's cool. Each to her own and all that. And if your boobear (what up Kristin+Danielle ) made you a candlelit dinner and professed their undying love to you, thats fantastic too. Do what makes you happy friends.
        Now, onto the metaphor. Last year, I was sick on Valentine's Day. It was totally awesome you guys. Totally.
Except that it actually was, in a way, awesome. Because when I woke up with an 100 degree fever and a battering ram in my head and crawled walked out of my bedroom, still in pajamas at 1:53 in the afternoon, I saw red roses in the hallway. Red roses, and homemade sugar cookies, and a Valentine's Day mug with my favorite tea bags sitting next to it, and a card from my boyfriend of the time. Like I said, awesome.
        This year, I am not dating said boy. I am dating a new, wonderful boy. And this boy brought me conversation hearts and kisses on Valentine's Day, and we went to a coffee shop and drank chai for three hours. It was blissful, and I had so much fun.
Conclusion: Change is good, and Valentine's Day is fun. Accept change and beautiful things can come out of that. Promise.

And now:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Facebook is addictive
and so are you

(Like it?)
I am off to enjoy a three day weekend, I hope you have a fantastic Friday,
see y'all later,
ps. Conversation hearts FOR THE WIN

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