Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Struggle With Perfection

This may be a semi-heavy post.
       For a long time, Ive struggled with the idea of perfection. Yeah yeah, nobody's perfect, kumbaya, whatever. I wanted to be perfect. When I was a tiny, I was the first baby girl, the new addition to the family--in short I was somewhat spoiled rotten. And because of this I just believed that perfect was what I was and perfect was what I was meant to be. At everything. Always.
     This mentality is not so conducive to real life my friends.
     Lately I feel like I have been in a struggle to accept that around me, there are people who are really hardworking as well as really talented, and I haven't reached their level yet. I have been especially conscious of how that affects me when its something that I love deeply as well. Dance, photography, collaging, what have you. It strikes me that sometimes when I see other people's art, I get really defensive, or threatened, and maybe a wee bit jealous. Something to think about for sure.
     I am trying to turn this into inspiration, or admiration, as opposed to all those icky negative feelings hiding inside my ego. Any thoughts? And now, I'm off to check on my bread that I've been baking, which is going to be a topic of an upcoming post! Love you all,

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