Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh, hey there

What have you been up to lately? Its been too long.
Any who, down to business. I won't apologize for being MIA, as I've been havin' a damn good time doing it (more on that later), but I did want to stop in a say, hello, and give you some fun internet things to troll around on.
First of all,
Ellen, talkin' about stuff. Shit just got real. Here. 
THIS love story. I would like that someday, and perchance someone popped into my head when I read this, but only time will tell
Sarah Kay. Rad rad rad rad rad. This is also a beautiful poem by that beautiful girl
This camera. Wish-listing much maren?
Applications to these schools: one + two, being in the mail, tomorrow.
And lastly, the launch of a for-teens-by-teens online magazine that I have been collaborating on. Check it.
Well darlings its late and my alarm clock rings early. And loudly.
Goodnight y'all.

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