Thursday, January 13, 2011

Almost Famous

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think of something that would make a great first line in a book? I do that all the time. But I never really have stories to complete the story, so it ends up just dwindling off into the distance.
I woke up thinking about the movie Almost Famous. I can honestly say that it is my favorite movie. I heard about it from a friend, who had watched it with another friend when they were high, and it was just the funniest shit they said. They were high, I thought, and forgot about the movie, just mentioning it to my mom. Two days later, I got strep throat, and was home on the couch, positive I was dying. My lovely mum brought me the movie to watch while I whined. It ended up being the most wonderful, brilliant, fantastic movie I've ever seen. Brought me to tears once or twice. I've watched it so many times since then, I cant even count. Sometimes, when I'm with friends and we're playing music and dancing and eating good food and laughing, I think of what Polexia said. Its all happening. Its all happening right now. Wouldn't you agree with that? That even if we're laying around, eating salt and vinegar chips and thinking about how dull and boring our lives are, its all happening right at that second. Someone, maybe many someones, are dying in that instantly, just as new souls are being born into the world. The fires are burning and someones creating some beautiful piece of art. People are falling in love and kissing and dancing in the rain and laughing and starving and thirsting for knowledge. ALL IN THAT ONE INSTANT. It seems mindblowing to me. Here I am, in my moms old chunky seventies sweater with no pants on, listening to Tiny Dancer, and everything in the world is happening. Its a beautiful thing.

Go, be in the moment, trite as it may be, because its all happening. Its all happening right now.

With love,

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