Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Its Like A Wooly Worm

Dear Internet,

I'm ashamed to admit that I had a meltdown this morning that sort of continued in my head all day you know? It started with a missing iPod this morning and I just kept up the constant dialogue of monotonous judgment. I wish I didn't do this. It sort of exploded when I went to dance class. Dance class was beautiful. I took ballet for the first time since break (SIDENOTE: Seen Black Swan? Dear god...), and it was hard but easy at the same time. I am an incredibly competitive person, mostly with myself, and it was nice to be complimented by a dancer as lovely and talented as my teacher. We learned new choreography for a piece that's hopefully going to be in a show in the spring. I took a hip hop class after ballet for the first time in a year and it was lovely. Brandi the teacher is a gorgeous brilliant redhead with such a funny personality I love her. Anyway, that was great. And now I've retired at home, to mac and cheese and the web.

Back to the sidenote. Black Swan anyone? Personally, I thought the dancing was damn good for someone whose not a professional, but I cannot handle all the gore. I spent the entire movie with my face buried in Forrest's shoulders and my hands pressed firmly against my ears. What I did see was spectacularly thrilling though. DONT GO AT NIGHT. I was afraid of the shadows for a good couple of hours.
I hope everything is wonderful with you and your loved ones.

Here are beautiful photos for your viewing pleasure

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