Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Times

You know someone's cool
Marvin. Isn't he great?

Brownies. Photo Credit: Rachael Monaco
Charlotte, Tatiana and myself after a night of cake-baking escapades
Ingrid Michealson, the love of my life. Photo credit:

Bloggity bloggity bloggity bloggity.
Lord, I'm going out of my mind.
Hello folks, what have you done today? I ate three brownies and had a pretty spectacular day. I feel so lucky on days like this. Do you ever do that thing where you have a great day so you just whine a bit about something sort of inconsequential, but then you get over it and just feel content? Oh. You don't. Well, ahem, neither do I, OBVIOUSLY. Thats why I asked. Who does that anyway!?

Right. I do.
Lets make a list of things to be happy about why don't we. Make an awesome list? (Idea credit: The Daybook. I wish I could pull off purple lipstick like this lovely lady does.)

-The song Breakable by Ingrid Michealson. I could listen to it all day long. Plus, she's such a cute lady.
-Nose rings. I finally got off my butt long enough to go get my stud switched out for one. In a sec, I'm gonna go take a picture, print it and send it to Julia, in the eight page letter I'm writing to her.
-Letters. They're nice for when your friends are gone
-Brownies. Like I said, I ate three, and thats just today! They're so good. So so so good. I don't care if my metabolism catches up with me someday and makes me fat, I will always love brownies.
-Sleeping in. Oh weekend, I love thou so. And I get an extra day! This is so nice.
-Seeing a man who has been hugely influential on my life in the paper today. Marvin Chambers, check him out, helped desegregate the town I live in, volunteers every where he possibly can, and has a lime green book cover for his Bible. I tell ya, if anyone deserves to be in the paper, its him. And now he is! Score
-Skullcandy headphones. Go buy some, they're awesome.
-My friend Tatiana. Beautiful girl, she slept over last night and it was such a good time
-The Boyfriend coming home tomorrow! Huzzah huzzah!
-Harry Potter 7. I *finally* saw it yesterday. I'm so behind the times, but I hate big crowds. SIDENOTE: Can you believe its still in theaters? Craziness!
-Haircuts. I love my hairdresser.
-Driving in the car with my dad playing trashy rap music and singing along unabashedly. Thats both of us mind you. (If you're wondering, he was the one who cranked the stereo when "Like A G6" came on).
-Bill Cosby Himself. Such a hoot. SIDENOTE: He's coming here! Now if only I had seventy bucks...
I'm feelin' today you guys. Its been good.
Hope yours has been too! I'm off to watch Wizards Of Waverly Place with the brother. So lame but so awesome.

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