Saturday, January 22, 2011


Good evenin'!
You know that Talking Heads song, Stay Up Late? Oh, thats awesome, its one of my favorite songs, but it has nothing to do with what I'm about to talk about this except for one thing: "Little toes!"
I love babies, I always have. I babysit a little brother and sister every week (who, for privacy reasons, will be known as "The Munchkins"), and always curse myself for not bringing my camera to document their every adorable move. Well, today, I babysat my kiddies and remembered the camera! Feast your eyes on this cuteness:
Baby B--Baby G moved out of the frame at the last second

Baby G's icecube

Baby B. So cute

Baby G likes her cookies and her icecubes
Baby B shows me his lego man
Conked out on the couch while watching a movie, sweet things

Baby G eating her cookie

Baby B lifting his big Elmo book onto the stool

Baby G--she's sucking on an icecube again

Baby B shows me his Elmo book

Baby B

Munchkins play with legos

Baby B  shows me another book

Baby B lies like a kitty on the stool

Baby G plays with blocks

Baby B shows me his Potato Man

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