Tuesday, January 18, 2011

School + Exhaustion

Indulge me in some whining pretty please.

You guuuuuuuuuyyyyyssssss, school is so booooorrrring, and I'm tiiiiirrrrrrreeeed.
Okay good, got that out of my system. I'm sorry lovelies. We've had a flurry of snow days and two hour delays around here (oh that was just too cheesy to pass up!), and my poor little head has not quite adjusted to having ACTUAL MONDAYS again. Oh, wait, jaykay, this actual monday was a tuesday. I'm so lame.
To make up for the lame! My dance teachers kicked my booty today, hardcore, and I got some homework done. Rockstar yes?
Now I'm sitting curled up on the couch, cuddling with the puppy while I wait for a cuppa tea to steep. I know that chewing nails or banging your head with a brick is probably more entertaining that this, but I promise, I promise promise promise that tomorrow will be good. Ya know why? Well, two reasons. The Boyfriend and I have an adventure planned. Mind you, I've got no idea what said adventure will entail, but none the less, there is an adventure in the works thats gonna go down tomorrow. This also includes making artichoke pasta after the adventure and watching a movie (Young Frankenstein perhaps? Gosh that is such a great movie. Haven't seen it? Go watch it now. Really. NOW.) Reason numero dos: Imma buy my self some new lipstick guuuuuurl. Cause thats what all girls do when they have five extra bucks in solely quarters lying around. But should I get pink or red or purple? Descisions descisions. I suppose we'll see what they have at Walgreens.
Alrighty folks, you must be tired of my ramblin's.
Much love,
p.s. Also going to get film developed tomorrow if at all possible so look forward to some pretty pretty pictures from my Diana camera tomorrow (Fingers crossed)
Car pictures! Fun stuff

This is was my face! All. Day. Long...

Oh I'm so excited

Night night!

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