Monday, January 31, 2011

Earth Ships and Other Things

Have you ever thought about how much harm we do to the environment these days? I think about it every time I stand in the shower for longer than usual. (I also think about all the African babies dying of thirst while I leisurely shave my legs. I am such a morbid person sometimes.)
A couple days ago, in my art class, we watched this documentary called Garbage Warrior and I am now obsessed with Earth Ships. They are the most beautiful, genius houses I have ever seen. C'mon, a house that can provide food, warmth, and is made almost completely out of recycled materials? Thats the bomb dot com back slash amazing (Pardon my nerdiness). Seriously, go check it out, its awesome.
Mike Reynolds, the genius behind the idea. {Photo credit: Garbage Warrior)

{Photo credit: Urban Homes}

{Photo credit: ConcepTrends}

{Photo Credit: Earth Keeper Heroes}

{Can I please have a bathroom like that? Photo Credit: ConcepTrends}

{Photo credit: Vine}

In other news, I woke up in a really good mood this morning. Maybe it was that my shoulder which has been extremely painful for days is feeling a billion times better, or that I woke up earlier than usual feeling calm. Whatever it is, its prompted a good day. Ive been ready blogs, making lists (I am one of those list-makers. Its almost a compulsion now), made scrambled eggs with cayenne pepper, and ate a cupcake. Tonight, Boyfriend is coming over, and we're going to make a cake for my girlie Tatiana's birthday. Happy happy joy joy. Oh, and I'm wearing sparkly nail polish. What about this day isn't great?

I hope youre having a awesome day too. Here's a song I've been listening to on repeat lately. So good:

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