Friday, January 21, 2011

Curl Up and Be Spoon Fed Trashy TV

Have you ever read the Fortunately-Unfortunately Books? They go something like this:

My name is Maren. I am a fortunate and unfortunate girl.
Fortunately, I am lucky enough to have a sweet sweet boyfriend who I stay up waaaaayyyy too late talking to at night.
Unfortunately, I then have to get up at 6:47 in the morning to get ready for school.
Fortunately, there was a very faint dusting of snow on the ground, so we had a two hour delay today. (I live in the South).
Unfortunately, I slept in late and had to scramble about to get ready for school and forgot my iPod.
Fortunately, I wore my bright pink lipstick today and that always makes me a little happier, especially since everyone knows which man is my man by the kiss marks.
Unfortunately, Forrest was in uniform today and I couldn't kiss him but once since its against the rules. (That almost killed me.)
Fortunately, I got burritos after school with some of my dance girls.
Unfortunately, one of my very good friends (also a dance girl), is leaving to go volunteer in Ghana, Africa and today was the last day I got to see her.
Fortunately, we walked around to a bunch of wonderful vintage and local stores that were chock full of beautiful dress that came straight out of my dreams.
Unfortunately, I have no money for said dresses.
Fortunately, there is a sale going on.
Unfortunately, the sale ends REALLY SOON. Like, one or two days.
Fortunately, I'm going to an artists conference with my mom tonight, so that will distract me
Unfortunately, all I want to do is curl up with Forrest and eat chocolate and watch trashy TV

To end on a fortunate note, we do have Klondike bars in the fridge, and I am very excited about that. YUM!
Well sorry if that was long and boring darlings.
See you later,

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