Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clothes and Kumbucha

Dear Bloggy Friends,

Hello how was your day? My day was pretty great. I got up early and went to a long long dance rehearsal that was very fun but very sleepy.........Yawn
Anywho, after that I hung out with the Boyfriend, moved some stuff from Brother Wolf (local animal shelter) over to the yardsale place as they are getting rid of lotsa stuff. Forrest and I decided to go on an adventure, but over course, we got distracted when we met their NEW ANGORA BUNNY! Talk about fluffy, he was so soft, his fur had just been shorn. Being the person I am, I wasted no time snatching him out of his cage for some cuddling. Poor thing has been trapped in a bunny mill with sixty to a hundred other bunnies and has never really been exposed to lovin', so he scratched at first and then he peed on me. Oh the horror. Of course, we couldn't stop laughing, and the ever stylish Mayo (Forrest's beautiful mom), let me grab some of her clothes to wear. Dress up time! Also made out like a bandit with some jewelry that was lying around. Score!

Up next on the agenda, kumbucha! I love it when its fizzy, like my friends mom makes it. Said friends mom offered to teach me in the ways and give her a scoby she has growing on hers (she has four already I think she said). She's such a badass, I love her, and I can't wait for my own yummy, detoxing goodness.

Last thing up. Outfit posts? I realized that 99.9 percent of the blogs I read are outfit blogs. I love them, they're like my crack. Plus, I almost always roll outta bed, throw on my old (and incredibly ripped) jeans, a fleece and some lipstick and walk out of the house. Maybe if I knew I'd be taking pictures everyday, I'd be a little more, ahem, motivated to look good and be creative. Sounds like a good thing to me. Maybe we'll start little and work out way up?
Well lovelies, its getting late and this girl has to get up early tomorrow (Unless they call school....pleasepleaseplease)
Goodnight! Oh, and here's some delicious tunes for your ears,

P.S. Adventures pictures tomorrow!
P.P.S. I got a letter from Julia today! Yes!

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