Wednesday, January 12, 2011


When I started this blog, I was all thrilled, and ready set go about it. I'd run with it. It'd would inspire me constantly. I'd be famous for the brilliant thoughts spilled out onto the internet. Maybe it wasn't to be? I forget about this. There's this Avett Brothers lyric that comes to mind: "I haven't finished a thing since I started my life, don't feel much like starting now." But its 2011 people, gotta get it together right? I think this should be my New Years Resolution. Post weekly at least!
And its funny, because I read blogs er'yday. Seriously, I can spend hours reading them if I get the chance. The girls in the bloggin' community are so addicting, with their wit and creativity reaching the sky. Megan Nielsen, Naomi over at Rockstar Diaries (She's so pregnant she's about to pop. I cant wait to meet her new bebe), Jay and Laura, Disarming Darling's enchanting Britney. I love you all, you are wonderful women.

Enough gushing! I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful day. I'm off to get this day started.
And tomorrow hopefully, I will have pretty pictures to share with you guys from an adventure I took with the boyfriend the other day. Its still snowy as all heck down here. I dunno how the roads are, but I assure you I am catching quite the case of cabin fever. Talking to my self whilst making tortellini. Oh lawd. Have a wonderful day here's a good song for a slow day:

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot to share. My best friend Julia, who you know cause I'm obsessed with her, is leaving Saturday. She's going to this great school out in the middle of nowhere, to camp and hike and raft and climb and learn and I am jealous, so jealous and I will miss her so much. In her honor, here's my favorite picture of her, ever. 
Isn't she lovely? I think I'll do a post dedicated to her when she leaves to go live in the woods (She's also just gotten a pile of outdoor gear that goes up to her eyeballs and I'm making elaborate, Oceans-Eleven-worthy plans to steal it. Wish me luck)

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