Thursday, January 20, 2011


Have you ever gotten so obsessed with a blog that you read it for hours and hours and hours and hours (you get the point right?) till you get all the way back to the very-first-ever-post? Or is that just me? Either way its lotsa fun. I love seeing the changes in people, plus if I get that into a blog, its gotta be full of beautiful photos and funny stories.
If you decide to take up this practice, I will warn you, it will consume your life. And by the end, you'll be pretending that they are just talking to you, you'll have nicknames for them in your heads like you're besties, and checking the blog will be your first priority, over sleeping, eating and homework (cause you can live without those, of course. Especially the last one).
Here are two blogs very worthy of stalkage:
The Daybook-
Isn't she lovely? I think she and her husband are so sweet and in love. And the girl knows how to rock some purple lipstick.
Dawww, so cute. Plus, now I want to go on a roadtrip. Real bad. Maybe sometime this summer.

Anyway folks, have fun today,

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